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 Is your game ready for launch?

We can definitely get you there!

We are a global gaming company dedicated to bringing fun to the world.

By embracing fun, innovation, and quality, we have successfully redefined mobile gaming, as we are continuously looking for gaming experiences that are exceptional, fascinating, and enduring.


Your game

We are here to help you create a memorable player experience. Your complete IP rights are reserved until global launch, during which we provide you with daily production assistance. Our team of experts are here to assist you throughout this amazing journey.


We live the gaming market, so we know exactly how to identify the best audience to target and the best time to launch. By providing you with analytical, growth hacking, and user acquisition services, we can do just that. Our in-house professionals will guide and provide you with the advice you need to improve the quality of your game and exceed players’ expectations.


If creating a winning game is tough, marketing it successfully is even harder. We take great pride in our ability to have grown our players’ base by hundreds of millions throughout the years, thanks to our state-of-the-art cross-promotional mechanisms that specifically target millions of monthly active users to discover and download your game.

What we "Beam" for


As being innovative is key for success, your game should offer unique gameplay, combined with proven free-to-play practices.


Prepare for launch. All submissions are thoroughly reviewed, but we consider publishing only games in their final stages of development.


Timing is everything. Make sure your game is in Alpha/Pre-release stage, as it might be considered if it has only been secretly released in smaller markets.


Great teams build awesome games. Talent, dedication, excitement and discipline are the qualities that deliver best-in-class results.

We prefer projects that have been designed and developed specifically for mobile.


Our production teams will help you create a robust, market-ready product. We will guide you throughout every step of the process, from setting up the in-game economy, to enhancing UX & UI, optimizing performance, resolving technical issues and integrating necessary analytical, social and marketing toolkits.
Prior to release, we will conduct multiple playtests with real players, test key assets in the app stores, and create promotional materials to engage the gaming community.
When the product and marketing materials are ready, we will facilitate a gradual rollout of the game, to help identify and resolve key issues at the earliest stage possible. Once perfected, the game will be considered for global release.
When the game is live, we'll manage players’ feedback, contact opinion leaders and send press releases. This will allow us to identify future improvements and to efficiently announce upcoming updates.
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